I was raised in Montana.  I had the advantage of easy access to an enormous amount of amazing outdoor activities.  Holding my breath as to not spook a mule deer hunting with my father.  My mother teaching me how to properly bait a hook.  Yes, my mother!  Camping, hunting, and fishing with my family taught me invaluable lessons and gave me countless memories. 

Spending my 20’s in Michigan, I discovered a whole new experience spending time with the guys at the cottage getting ready for the early morning hunt.  Out on the boat casting my line at daybreak.  Making smores with my new family by the campfire.  Now it was my turn to teach my boys to bait a hook!  More memories…

Living in South Dakota there are new lakes, new camp sites and…pheasants!  More memories created.  Many more to come.

Finding new, innovative, and quality products for myself as well as for you and your family is the driving force behind Huntsman Supply.

Put down the controller, turn off the TV and get out there.  Make your mark, make your memories.